Since I got my B.A. in June, life’s been an utter gong show. I spent my summer getting a foot (or at least some toes) in the door of an industry that means a whole lot to me, interning full-time at one of North America’s finest indie magazines. By some stroke of luck, I then landed a contract job at an educational policy think tank, where I’ve gotten to try my hand at PR and build my research skills. All the while, I’ve been juggling a bunch of additional part-time gigs and singing in a semi-professional classical choir. Needless to say, I’ve got a lot on my mind.

This blog is sort of a diary of my personal quest to become a better, more fulfilled and, especially, balanced human being. When you think about it, this mission boils down to the holy trinity of selfhood: brain, guts, and hands. In other words: thinking, feeling, and doing. Welcome to my attempt to give each of these aspects the attention it deserves.

I hope things don’t get ugly!