Doesn't this make you wanna DRINK?? (In moderation, of course...)

Last night, after a sweaty and grueling 90 minute Moksha yoga class, I made Jon take my drained and dehydrated self to dinner.  We had every intention of making the trek to Bar Nazareth, home of notoriously underpriced Ethiopian cuisine and the most darling waitstaff north of College. BUT, since my bike was vandalized over Halloween weekend and we didn’t particularly feel like taking a 30 minute walk or 20 minute transit ride to get our grub on, we ended up making a short and lazy stroll to Nirvana. Their menu ain’t Ethiopian, but they do boast a pretty nice selection of draft beers–and being a Milwaukeean through and through, I do love me some brew. At least, I figured, there would be delicious Great Lakes Brewery Pumpkin Ale to be had–my newly anointed favourite of the seasonal microbrews. You can probably imagine my horror at the discovery that Pumpkin Ale–at least at Nirvana–is done for the season. When the server told us, I actually shrieked.

Fortunately for my taste preferences, the Great Lakes Winter Ale that we got instead was quite nice: spicy, with hints of ginger and cinnamon and what I thought was molasses but turned out be a touch of honey and orange peel. Not quite as spicy as the Pumpkin Ale, but really well-rounded and seasonal. As Jon pointed out, this beer actually tastes like winter.

Unfortunately, the dinner date came with a price: in exchange for food and drink, Jon wanted me to edit his latest paper. The work of a grad student never ends, I suppose, and the same is also true for their partners. But, unbeknownst to us, the Winter Ale had an alcohol content of 6.2%, and after 90 minutes of fluid loss my half-pitcher portion had left me far too tipsy to focus on J’s latest poli-sci creation. That is on today’s to-do list, in between other work-related edits.

Until next time,