It’s been a few days since my last entry, but in my defense, they’ve been very full ones. Thanksgiving was lovely. Jon’s aunt and uncle hosted and there was turducken in addition to several dessert varieties–not least of which were a homemade peppermint-chocolate chunk ice cream and a pumpkin-gingerbread trifle.  Sweetest of all was that, after reading my ode to Pumpkin Ale, Jon’s aunt Pepi went to two different LCBOs (which are the government-run liquor stores we have here in Ontario) to hunt down one of the season’s last remaining bottles for me. To make the whole night even more delightful, my dear friend (and former roommate from all the way back in 1st year of university) was visiting from Virginia for the weekend and came to join us.

Speaking of friends, is it just my social circle or is November like *the* birthday month? The weekend brought two consecutive, debaucherous birthday-related nights out in addition to a friend’s birthday brunch (very greasy) on Saturday. With all the weekend’s vodka-fueled off-key opera singing, temporary hoarseness from hours of yelling, and reeking of the secondhand smoke of some creepy man, I felt like some wee vestige of the Eastern bloc.

Anyway, I’m glad I made it out of November in one piece.  I’m even looking forward to the rest of December, even though (as this post’s title suggests), it is usually a month that brings about weirdly distributed weight gain and poverty, permanent hat hair (or toque hair, whatever), and skies the colour of toejam. But, it’s also the month that I get to see my family and friends back home and pore over “best of year” music and literature retrospectives. I also get to sing Handel’s Messiah a lot, which stokes my geeky fire.

Stay tuned, for tomorrow I will discuss Twilight.