I’m always bragging about how I never get sick, but today it happened: I got sent home from work for being a walking health hazard (it doesn’t help that I share an office with a bunch of really sickness-prone individuals).  I think it’s just a cold, though I’m kind of shivery and exhausted and I look like arse, so I’m not ruling out the swine (kidding!).

I can’t really taste food very well, but for lunch I had a nice big bowl of wonton soup from Pho Hung, a Toronto Vietnamese noodle institution. It felt really good going down, and even in my weakened (and taste-impaired) state I could tell the wontons were very well seasoned and peppery–a quality that I can definitely get behind.

I didn’t have the energy to pick up a camera and push down on that big heavy button to take a picture of my meal, but suffice to say my soup looked pretty much exactly like this:

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.