I ate charcuterie at Toronto’s Black Hoof restaurant with a pair of journalists tonight (one of whom is a prominent local food critic and chaperoned the affair, the other being a rock critic and old university chum) and, let me just say, it was a magical and memorable evening. There were a smattering of delicious and decidedly not vegetarian-friendly tasting portions, which included a lamb’s tongue brioche, lavender-infused duck prosciutto, tongue and hazelnut terrine, roasted bone marrow, and several salamis. Afterwards we proceeded to the restaurant’s new cafe across the street and enjoyed deep fried barbecue rib bites, vanilla risotto peanut butter balls, and, for me, a cocktail made from saffron-infused gin. Not to sound like a total glutton, but yes, there were other food items that I’m not mentioning as well.

It kicked ass. The end.