I’ve still got a cold, but I’m handling it gracefully. In other words, I’m not curling up and moping like boys do when they get sick. I’m being a dignified sick woman. This means: going into the office when I shouldn’t, eating almond butter instead of PB on my  multi-grain instant oatmeal (you know, because almonds are healthier than peanuts), limiting myself to ONE SMALL COFFEE (as opposed to, well, many more than that), and eating a canned approximation of chicken soup for lunch:

I very rarely shop at big-box grocery stores (though I love “lunching” on samples at Whole Foods, then leaving without buying anything). I understand why people must, and certainly enjoy the luxury of them, but since I’m lucky enough to live within a stone’s throw of Toronto’s famous Kensington Market and its accompanying slew of mom-and-pop produce peddlers, there’s really no need for me to fork my dollars over to  the big guys.  Still, if you’re going to eat the sort of canned crap typically found at big-box chains, President’s Choice canned crap is pretty much the way to go. Their prices are right, there’s good variety, and I hear the Westons give out good Halloween candy so we may as well keep that karma circle a-turnin.’

In other, completely and totally unrelated news, I found an apartment for February!! It’s been a long and harrowing hunt, but yesterday the lease was signed, cheques were written, and hands were shaken. Though I am sad to be leaving my gentrifying Portugese/Chinese/hipster ‘hood at Dundas St. W. (which is but a hop, skip, and jump from the glorious Black Hoof), I will be in the perfectly respectable South Annex, 2 blocks away from Jewish deli extraordinaire, Caplansky’s (which, after experiencing a shitacular meal there on Saturday, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt), and even closer to my beloved Kensington Market and the veggies, meats, cheeses, and hippie foods that make my heart sing arias.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades. Until then, however, I’ll be blowing my nose.