This entry is going to break all of my usual rules. This time: no images, no commentary, just a little blog post about blog posting. Call it “the meta-entry,” if you will, and indulge me just this once.

A couple of days ago, this blog turned a month old. Learning about how the blog world works has been an unexpectedly fascinating part of the process of writing one. Observing the way others write and work to cultivate a consistent readership base has been something of a learning experience for me, and I’ve fully come to realize the power of shameless self-promotion. And, no, I don’t mean that as necessarily a bad thing.

I’ve tried writing blogs before, but have always been very self-conscious about letting the world know of their existence–mostly because I’m only just now getting used to the reality that, as a writer, wallflowerhood disguised as humility will get you nowhere fast. In other words, I have a hard time saying “Hey! Look what I have to say!”, maybe because I feel like it’s a showboaty thing to do, or maybe because I’m subconsciously afraid of the way people will perceive me.  Anyway, as a consequence of my uneasy self-promotional past, no one would read these former blogs, and I, in turn, would abandon them.

This blog, I’m happy to report, gets read. The bulk of those views have been generated by 1.) my awesome cousin’s very kind shoutouts and 2.) food-related posts (though my posts on Twilight and sexting were close runners up).

My coverage of local artisans tends to attract the least number of visits, though I can’t say if this is due to the Toronto-specific nature of the content or simply a reflection of the niche interest that is indie arts ‘n’ crafts. I’m a little surprised by this, but as I was very gently informed by a certain man in my life, “most guys don’t give a shit about crafts.” Well, go figure.

Anyway, one month in, I think I’ll keep writing this one. (You’ll keep reading, too, I hope.)