Sorry for my absenteeism, friends and lovers. It feels like it’s been ages!

I’m back at my childhood home after a very busy weekend singing a concert and entertaining my family (minus 1 of 2 little bros), who so wonderfully flew up to Toronto to see me perform on Saturday night. We flew into Chicago on Sunday night and then drove the hour (give or take a few) from O’Hare to Milwaukee without a hitch.

Being in Milwaukee means catching up on the personal maintenance aspects my life in Toronto is too hectic to attend to. Yesterday I went to the dentist to learn that, despite nearly flawless oral hygiene, I had one new cavity. I didn’t get my first cavity until the age of 20. Now, at just short of 24, I’ve had four! Yikes. The dentist suggested it had something to do with my small mouth and crowded teeth, but whatever. I got it filled and life goes on.

Anyway, later on today I’m going to be making these cavitymaking delights:


I’m so glad my spanish reading skills hold up well enough to translate recipes, because I couldn’t find a decent english one anywhere . Once I test the recipe to make sure my translations were accurate, I will post it here for y’all to enjoy 😉

For those who don’t know, alfajores (pronounced alpha-hor-ehss) are a South American sandwich cookie made of a special cornstarch and wheat flour shortbread, filled with dulce de leche, rolled in shredded coconut and dusted in powdered sugar. They are heavenly.

My Latino side of the family is from El Salvador, so I did not grow up eating these cookies. I discovered them in Toronto, of all places, at an Argentinian coffee shop around the corner from my former office. The place is called La Merceria and it’s really worth checking out–yummy alfajores and best mochas in the city.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how the alfajores turn out. Hopefully they’ll be worthy of a shareable recipe later today or tomorrow for your last-minute Christmas cookie baking.

❤ K