In the world of crafting, melt-and-pour soapmaking is about as un-badass as a person can get. However, being that I suffer from delusions of rebellious grandeur, I like to think that my first attempt at soapmaking not only reached the desired realm of badassedness, but went above and beyond the call of rebel duty. To borrow from the title of Missy Elliot’s superb 1997 debut album, this soap was supa dupa fly, and you know I don’t use Missy’s words lightly.

Yes, that’s soap on that plate. Would you believe that, before I made these yesterday, I’d never made soap before in my life? It’s that easy! I thought food soaps would be a fun Christmas gift for my Uncle Stan (my godfather), for whom I’ve mastered the art of the gag gift, and I was definitely right; the whole family was thoroughly impressed. Holiday victory is mine again!