I’m moving in four days, so there won’t be too much action going on here in the meantime. For one thing, I can’t seem to locate my camera charger amidst all the chaos and mess. For another, I’m too preoccupied with moving to possibly consider blogging.

Just kidding!

While the camera part may be  true, I always have time to write a few words of rambling nonsense! Especially when I’ve got food on the brain.

Which brings me to my next topic:

Winterlicious is an annual, citywide restaurant event here in Toronto where a bunch of upscale restaurants create a fixed-price, multi-course lunch and dinner menu of their signature dishes for a more affordable price. This event allows the dregs of society (like me!) to check out the culinary treasures this city has to offer.

I was just asked to help write a small Winterlicious profile of three downtown Toronto restaurants for my campus newspaper, and two of these are extremely close to where I will be living in just four short days. I think I’m going to take my handsome fella out to one of them. Only problem is, I can’t decide between the two!

Should I go Moroccan or Peruvian?