I was just in Detroit for the weekend and ate like a king (Not to be confused with eating like a queen, as there was nothing dainty about my approach). Today’s breakfast was a coney island, or chili dog to the non-Midwestern. It was something magical, but it looked so thoroughly unappetizing that I couldn’t be bothered to post a picture of it here. Wouldn’t do the thing justice.

Anyway, more importantly: theatre.

My friends from back home have been touring anarchist collectives and punk rock venues for the past six months with their experimental two-person show, Ulysses’ Crewmen. I’m thrilled to announce that they’re coming to Toronto next Sunday afternoon for a one-time only performance, and I really would love it if people could come out to give them some support. I believe the show is PWYC, though it would be nice if people could contribute as generously as possible as this tour is currently Ben and Kate’s bread and butter. Plus, they are awesome and the show should be a really unique experience. I’m pretty pumped about seeing it–and, of course, them.

They’re keeping a tour blog, which can be found here.

Ben was instrumental in joining me with Milwaukee’s vibrant underground theatre scene, which has more or less become my hometown community base in the summers since moving to Toronto. It’d be lovely to see some of my Toronto friends’ faces in the crowd on Sunday.