I like to drink. People who know me know this. Usually beer is my poison of choice, but recently I’ve been turned on to the glory that is bourbon. Specifically, Bulleit bourbon (because it’s readily available, it’s affordable, and I love the old timey bottle).

Flickr: Schlüsselbein2007

After I made borscht for my guest blog post, my friend Diane came over to say hi and be the first official guest to “warm” my new apartment. She brought a bottle of this stuff. I drank it on two rocks. I fell in love.

My friend Emily drinks scotch. J drinks Jameson Irish whiskey. I think maybe good old American bourbon is the member of the whiskey family that I will call my own, as I’ve grown enamored of its sweet, smokey flavour and buttery finish. Diane, being the cuisinette that she is, mentioned something about a delicious cocktail by the name of “bacon bourbon.” To make, you combine the liquid fat from 3-4 slices of bacon with 750 ml of bourbon (tip: use a mason jar!), let it infuse for a few hours, then stick your jar in the freezer for a couple more hours to congeal the fat, which you will then skim off the top. Then you can drink your bacon bourbon as you see fit, either by itself or with a dash of maple syrup (typically 1/4 oz per 2 oz of bacon bourbon) and an optional dash of bitters (which I will probably omit).

While I haven’t made it yet, I fully intend to.