I returned to Berlin last night from my two-day jaunt to Groningen, a smallish university town in the Netherlands. Despite being decidedly Dutch (bicycles EVERYWHERE, canals, picturesque little white-trimmed houses with red shutters lining the narrow laneways, Heineken all over), it was interesting for me to see that no matter where in the world you go, a college town is still a college town. Being there felt a lot like being in Ann Arbor, Michigan or Madison, Wisconsin–places where the bulk of the population seems to be under 25, a little drunk, and at least moderately good looking.

I was warned that the Dutch are an extremely attractive people. After spending a couple of days there, I can verify this statement. Unfortunately for me, they are also TALL. At a Groningen nightclub on Wednesday night, I was positively dwarfed.

Hard to believe, but I am just about halfway through my Eurotrip.  I cannot believe how much I’ve seen, and at the same time am stricken by the sense of having made barely a dent on my new surroundings. I hope to change that over the next week.