If my last few posts aren’t any indication of this, let me reiterate that this has been a crappy month. But tomorrow, I am going to turn that frown upside down, throw on my rose coloured glasses, and exhaust some more metaphors (kidding!): I will FINALLY be taking my new bike to the University of Toronto Bike Chain so that the good citizens of Bikelandia can help me help myself. More specifically, they will walk me through the process of making my new blue beaut rideable. Then, I shall mount my dandyhorse and ride triumphantly into the springtime smog.

On a related note, I’ve been told that one is supposed to name one’s two-wheeled ride. I neglected to do this with my old hand-me-down Schwinn, and perhaps as a result, we have had a very tumultuous relationship. I sure won’t make THAT mistake twice!

As per my friends’ suggestions thus far, at the time of this posting, here are the names in the running:

a.) Tom

b.) Lunch Box

c.) Daphne

d.) Blue’s Cruise

e.) Claudia

f.) Geraldine

g.) Killer

h.) Nigel

i.) Emma

j.) Notorious B Y K
My friends are a lot better at this than I am. How DOES one name a bicycle, anyway?