So it’s still hot as blazes. Who cares? It’s September, baby, and it’s time to slowwww things downnnn. As I finish my second summer since graduating and watch from a distance as my baby brother leaves the nest, it’s also time to reflect. No more of that  airy summer dance music, but none of that moody introspective winter stuff quite yet, either. And, of course, we’ll hold off on the Bauhaus until October.

5.) Wild Nothing: Bored Games

When I first started university exactly six years ago, I went through a brief but intense phase of listening almost exclusively to mellow, New Wave-y kinds of songs (as I recall, the Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy was essentially on repeat for most of September ’04). Every year since, it’s felt right.

4.) Jane Birkin: Jane B

You know how like half of your friends have birthdays between the last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of June? They were all conceived around now, but probably to a soundtrack less appropriate than this song.

3.)The Sundays: Here’s Where the Story Ends

I just heard this song for the first time on the radio, and I immediately realized how perfect it is for September. With its jangly guitar and appropriately earnest lyrics, it makes me want to take a long bike ride along some hills and ruminate on the fast-fading year. You know?

2.) Best Coast: When I’m With You

This is a definite late summer jam. It’s upbeat but just a bit fuzzy, sunny with a little lo-fi nostalgia. It’s golden-lit evenings wearing cutoffs and a sweatshirt.

1.)Big Star: September Gurls

How could I resist? September was made for power pop, and so was I.