A few weeks ago, I received an email from the fabulous food writer and publicist Mary Luz Mejia alerting me to a very dangerous restaurant development in my ‘hood. What is so dangerous about a restaurant, you ask? Behold.

That, my friends, is 18 flavours of self-serve frozen yogurt. Apparently there are dozens more, but 18 are offered on any given day. Real, live-culture, tart frozen yogurt. My biggest dessert vice.

The grand opening of Menchie’s on Bloor street, just blocks away from my Toronto apartment, was beyond spectacular. For one day only, folks were invited to drop in and sample as much frozen yogurt, toppings, and sauces as their hearts desired. So, I sampled. I sampled long and hard.

I am writing the following statement as a fro-yo addict and not as a paid Menchie’s publicist, so take these words to heart: Menchie’s is going to be a huge, walloping, super hit. The sheer variety and inventiveness of the flavour offerings (cake batter! banana bread!) was insane. Then, of course, there were the toppings.

I also got a photo with Menchie himself. Because, apparently, I am five.

(Yeah, that’s right. I stole Menchie away from a cute balloon-toting toddler to nab this shot. Sorry kid)

After two heaping servings of fro-yo with about every topping you can imagine, I could have still eaten more. But, because I didn’t want everyone in the place to think I was a huge greedy slob, I opted to finish my date’s second serving instead of getting thirds. But, oh, will I ever be back. And, if you know what’s good for you, so will you.