Last week, I had the rare pleasure of attending a live taping of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. Afterwards, during a Q&A session, my friend and colleague asked our host of his opinion over the recent Conservative baiting of “ethnic” voters (read: immigrants and visible minorities). The only part of his response that I remember is how it began, with: “As an “ethnic…” ”

Oh Strombo. Maybe your parents were once “ethnics,” back in the day when multi-syllabic monikers meant more than phenotypes,  but nowadays you’re just a white male with all the privilege that comes along with it. Hell, I’m not even an “ethnic” in anybody’s eyes and I actually came out of the uterus of a woman “of colour”!

No, we are not the “ethnics” Conservatives court. They prefer, in the words of a Conservative staffer, “representation from the Arab community” in “ethnic costume” for a “great photo op.” LOL and a half!

Which is why I feel compelled to share this:

You’re welcome.