1.) Read one book about economics. Take time, keep dictionary on hand, and make a study of it.

2.) Enrol in a stroke strengthening course (swimming). Eventually become elegant in water.

3.) Take that one class that’s been on the back burner for the past year. Be an apt pupil.

4.) Read three short stories by three different authors. At least one of these authors must be new.

5.) Write one short story. Protagonist must be despicable, but not tortured or wayward.

6.) Clean and organize office space. This includes those godawful bookcases.

7.) Make website presentable. Maybe even respectable.

8.) Call mother and grandmother on their birthday (it’s the same day).

9.) Break out of the comfort zone. This is all that needs saying.

10.) Play tennis once. Solitary practice serves may be counted.

11.) Begin immigration paperwork IN EARNEST.

12.) Baths.