Life’s been too busy for updates. BUT, here’s a sampling of the past month’s work:

-On Occupy Toronto feeling like a high school cafeteria in the Toronto Standard

-…And the queer community taking on Occupy Toronto 

-…And Occupy Toronto post-eviction from St.James Park

-A “catvertising” video spoof that brought international attention to a Toronto ad agency

-…and another YouTube video spot, this time by Toronto firefighters, on why their jobs aren’t “gravy”

Dogs in costumes

Queer press in Toronto

-A homecoming show for local synthpop babes Austra

-Billboards on heritage buildings (namely the Toronto Dominion Centre)

-A chat with the city’s outgoing chief planner on Toronto’s past, present, and futre

-Massive craft shows and the state of DIY in Toronto

-A wedding in a boxing ring in The Grid

-An Afro-Brazilian lovefest in AVClub

This isn’t everything that’s been written in the past month (there’s also, as always, my weekly print exclusive for GlobeTO, and a couple of items forthcoming in magazines). But just wanted to remind that I’ve been very much alive, despite blog silence.