Has it already been a month since I last posted? Oopsies.  South America must have messed with my sense of time. Worse, it almost convinced me to grow out my hair.

(Photographic reminder of why that would be a terrible decision:)


Besides vanities, the month has involved a cat adoption, a 26th birthday, and many writings. Here’s a very small sample:

-On the marketing genius of the pop-up shop for the Globe and Mail

-On the strange process of heritage designation for the historic Paradise Theatre (spoiler alert: major bluff-calling is involved); a look into the surprisingly moving origin story of the Scarborough Civic Centre; all about the state of craft culture in Toronto, and a chat with a professional falconer (!) for Torontoist

-And on blood donation–specifically, how Torontonians DO NOT DO IT ENOUGH–for OpenFile

Again, a small sample. But a good one, no?

Regular updates to continue shortly.