Hello world! Happy new year. Though I guess it’s not that new anymore. Three weeks in, 2013 already feels old hat. 

It’s been a big one for me so far, anyway. I became a permanent resident of Canada, a specification irrelevant to the vast majority of the global and even Canadian population but essentially a guaranteed ban against future deportation from now until the end of time. It’s not citizenship, but the biggest and hardest step in that direction. Few who haven’t dealt directly with the Canadian immigration system, including most natural-born Canadians, have any idea what it is but it’s good. I threw a big party last week and invited the band whose video is displayed above and they came! Lovely people, too. And the day before, my therapist dumped me (we’d taken our relationship as far as it could go, you see). A big year so far indeed. 

Then, there’s the issue of this blog. I barely update it anymore and the domain’s about to expire. Do I even bother to renew?

I started this blog just over three years ago ostensibly to write about food, craft, and curiosities, but mostly because I wanted to be a writer and was told real writers write blogs. I picked up a number of readers off the bat but the voice this thing started with wasn’t really mine, and few of those original readers remain. Now I am a writer, professionally and 100% of the time, and this thing has turned into a diary. Diaries are fine, but I’m not sure I want mine on the Internet. I overshare enough on Twitter as is. 

So do I renew? Do I abandon? Do I repurpose? I have 24 hours left to decide. Here ’til then. Maybe gone tomorrow.